+ What cause cataracts?

+ Do cataracts lead to blindness?

+ What's the treatment for cataracts?

+ How is cataract surgery performed?

+ Can a cataract develop again?

+ Are there any restrictions after surgery?

+ Is cataract surgery always successful?

+ Are different types of Glaucoma?

+ Does Glaucoma run in the families?

+ How i Glaucoma treated

+ What advise is there for Glaucoma patients

+ What is retinal detachment?

+ What are the symptoms of a retinal detachment?

+ Who may get a detached retina?

+ How are retinal tears and detachment treated?

+ Will I get my vision back?

+ What is wavefront technology?

+ Are all excimer lasers the same?

+ Is laser equipment regulated?

+ Is lasik painful?

+ How long does lasik take?

+ What will my recovery be like after the procedure?

+ Are both eyes treated?

+ What are the risks of lasik procedure

+ Can I go blind after surgery?

+ How good will be my vision after the Lasik surgery

+ What is monovision?

+ How soon after the procedure can I drive?

+ Do I need to take time away from work?

+ Will my vision be corrected forever?

+ Will I be able to wear corrective lenses after LASIK or PRK?

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